What happens after I sign up?

Our experts will contact you to setup your account. They will work with you to get all the information to build a target audience. After everything is setup your account will start growing within 48 hours.

If I cancel, do I lose my followers?

No, the follower you have gained are yours! Remember – they are following you because they chose to do so, they are interested in your account and what you have to offer.

Can I continue to use my account?

Yes! We encourage you to continue to post valuable content. Engage with all your new followers. Build relationship with them. Like their content. This will increase your chances to grow and connect.

How many followers will I get?

We have clients that get approx. 20-30 followers a day, others get approx. 80-140 followers a day. There are many factors that affect growth as the market you are in, the content you are posting, the region, and many more. We can advice you on how to optimize for...